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Metal Core PCBs (MCPCBs)

Metal Core PCBs Manufacturing with Arnold Electronics

Arnold Electronics is pleased to offer our customers metal core PCBs from pro-type to mid-volume production.  With over 30 years of combined experience in PCB manufacturing, our Engineers can help turn your concepts into reality. 

A Metal Core Printed Circuit Board (MCPCB), also known as a Thermal Printed Circuit Board, is a PCB type that consists of metal material as its core material for the heat spreader position of the board.  The goal of the core with and MCPCB is to pass on heat from critical board components to less important areas such as a metal heat-sink back or metallic core.  The metal core of a thermal PCB can consist of aluminum, copper or heavy copper, or a mixture of specific alloys.  Aluminum core PCB’s are the most common in the industry.  A metal core printed circuit board can be an important alternative to FR4 or CEM3 materials depending on your needs.

The Advantages of Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards

There are distinct advantages to metal core PCB’s over standard core materials such as their ability to integrate a dielectric polymer with a high thermal conductivity for a lower thermal resistance.  A metal core PCB has the capability to transfer hear up to 9 times faster than standard FR4 laminate.  MCPBC’s core material are excellent for dispelling heat, keeping critical heat-generating components cool which in turn can increase efficiency, performance and lifetime operation.

If you are interested in learning more about Arnold Electronics’ capabilities with metal core PCB’s, talk to a sales representative.

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