New OSDS Program

Arnold Electronics, Inc. offshore program has been in place for over 2 years. Initially motivated by existing customers using offshore facilities for volume production supported domestically by AEI for prototypes and low volume production.

We have strong relationships with suppliers in various locations worldwide including Mexico, Malaysia, India, Korea, Taiwan and China.

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PCB Manufacturing


Arnold Electronics, Inc. has directed its 30 years of PCB manufacturing experience in developing a program which serves our customers complete spectrum of printed circuits requirements.

Combining our domestic manufacturing, engineering and design capabilities with both off-shore and domestic partners provides our customers with the flexibility in technology, volume, and cost through consistency and ease.

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Inventory Management


To be competitive today, companies must reduce production cycle times, shrink inventories to free-up working capital for reinvestment elsewhere, and build only those products that have a customer virtually waiting for delivery.

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Metal Fab


Arnold Electronics Inc. is proud to announce the addition of metal fabrication to its growing list of services. Together with our partner overseas, AEI now has the capabilities in assisting companies who want to out source their metal fabrication needs as well as experiencing the wide array of benefits that it can bring you and your company.

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